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The Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences (DEEPS) integrates teaching and research to investigate fundamental phenomena affecting the Earth and planets. Our students engage in hands-on learning, in collaboration with DEEPS faculty, to explore natural hazards, global climate, and planetary bodies.

PhD candidate Jared M. Kodero recently published a new article in Communications Earth & Environment, titled “Future transition from forests to shrublands and grasslands in the western United States is expected to reduce carbon storage.” The article examines the anticipated impact of climate change on vegetation in the western United States, particularly the shifts in dominant Plant Functional Types and carbon storage.
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Associate Professor Ingrid Daubar and colleagues recently published a new paper in Space Science Reviews titled “Planned Geological Investigations of the Europa Clipper Mission.” The publication outlines the geological investigations planned for the Europa Clipper mission, which aims to assess Europa’s potential habitability.
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