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Graduate Program

The DEEPS Graduate Program at Brown is one of the top programs in the world.

Our faculty members are nationally and internationally acknowledged leaders in their fields, and mentor graduate students who engage in research that defines future directions of inquiry.

The Department’s graduate program is focused on the Ph.D. degree and typically serves 65 students (relative to approximately 30 faculty).

DEEPS offers full tuition and health insurance payments with competitive stipends (>$40k/year) for all admitted Ph.D. students. Highly selective fellowships are also available for students with exceptional academic records. The Graduate School online application form is due January 5th. Students are advised to contact faculty members about their research interests before applying. GRE scores are not considered.

DEEPS graduate students engage in original research on the Earth, its environment, and the solar system. We aim to train the next generation of leaders in research, technology, and academia. Teaching experience is therefore a fundamental part of graduate training. All Ph.D. candidates serve as Teaching Assistants for at least one semester, and may serve several semesters depending on their interests and needs. Our graduate students are also leaders in their community, engaging in a variety of outreach activities such as teaching science in the Providence public schools through Brown's DEEPS Outreach programs.

The graduate program is flexible and personalizable and we have a lot of freedom and say in our development. Our requirements are broad and students can choose their classes and the topics they focus on. Structured committee meetings balance this open-ended approach and ensure that multiple faculty members and balanced opinions create a supportive structure.

Sebastian Munoz Graduate Student
Sebastian Munoz
Current graduate-level courses in the subjects of earth, environmental and planetary sciences.
Graduate Student Representatives, GeoClub Presidents, and Mentors help graduate students thrive by organizing social activities and professional development opportunities, and providing academic support and resources.

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