Department of Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences

Graduate Student Representatives

Graduate Student Representatives, GeoClub Presidents, and Mentors help graduate students thrive by organizing social activities and professional development opportunities, and providing academic support and resources.

Annual elections are held so that the DEEPS graduate students are represented not only when making key departmental decisions, but also are involved in campus-wide discussions. There is also campus-wide student representation through the Graduate Student Council (GSC).

GeoClub President

Primarily organize events and GeoClub meetings.

GeoClub Treasurer

GeoClub Secretary

Faculty Representatives

Attend faculty meetings and interface with the faculty on a number of issues.

Graduate Student Council (GSC) Representatives

Vote at the monthly GSC meetings, and updates the department on GSC matters.

Sheridan Center Representative

Communicate departmental teaching needs to the Sheridan Center and keep departmental colleagues apprised of Center events, programs, and services.

Diversity Working Group

Coordinates diversity and inclusion initiatives, and represents the graduate students on the DEEPS Diversity, Inclusion, and Action Committee (DIAC).

International Student Mentoring Representative

Act as mentor to international graduate students, and organize events to promote cultural diversity and inclusion.

First Year Mentoring Representatives

Organize the mentoring system for incoming graduate students, including assigning mentors and organizing events.

Graduate Women in Science and Engineering (GWiSE) Representatives

Promote inclusivity and gender equality in the department, and organize weekly coffee hours with Colloquium speakers.