Department of Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences

Tectonics, Volcanology, and Petrology

Understanding tectonic and volcanic processes and their high-temperature rock record.

We use geophysical and geochemical methods to investigate a wide variety of geological problems that shape Earth’s interior and surface through volcanism and tectonism. We employ observational, experimental, theoretical, and computational approaches. Active research areas include: microstructural analysis of deformed rocks and xenoliths to investigate deformation mechanisms and the rheology of the crust and mantle; the chemical and physical processes associated with magma formation, migration, and eruption; geodynamics of ice sheets and mantle rebound; the seismic structure of the lithosphere and mantle; mechanics of faulting and earthquakes.


Anahi Carrera won within the Education section for her AGU presentation titled, "Underrepresentation of first-generation college students in the geosciences - A diverse group to support in the post-Affirmative Action era." Alexia Rojas won within Tectonophysics for her AGU presentation titled, "Long Term San Andreas Fault Offset Re-Examined Through a Multichronometer Study of a Key Piercing Point." We are very proud of Anahi and Alexia for their achievements and recognition from the community!
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Rhode Island was among several East Coast states that felt a small earthquake on Friday morning, April 5th. Brown University Professor of Geological Sciences Karen Fischer says even though the quake was small, it was felt in multiple states because of the geologic makeup of the East Coast.
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