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Environmental Science

Leading diverse, interdisciplinary research programs investigating Earth’s changing environments related to natural processes and human impacts across a large range of temporal and spatial scales.

Environmental research at Brown is strongly interdisciplinary, relying on fieldwork, remote sensing, biogeochemical analyses, and numerical modeling to better understand and address some of the most pressing problems facing our environment. Our research efforts span polar to tropical regions, including terrestrial, marine, lacustrine, and atmospheric processes. Research focuses include environmental policy, atmospheric and aquatic pollution, environmental biogeochemistry, polar ice sheets, and the impacts of climate change on ecosystems. Our overarching goals are to understand Earth’s environments, educate the next generation of scientists, and influence the direction of our shared future. 


Environmental Science News

PhD candidate Jared M. Kodero recently published a new article in Communications Earth & Environment, titled “Future transition from forests to shrublands and grasslands in the western United States is expected to reduce carbon storage.” The article examines the anticipated impact of climate change on vegetation in the western United States, particularly the shifts in dominant Plant Functional Types and carbon storage.
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Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

What happens after we reach net-zero emissions?

Co-authored by 21 international climate experts, including IBES Fellow and DEEPS Professor Baylor Fox-Kemper, a new article in Frontiers in Science offers the first comprehensive analysis of the diverse factors controlling global temperatures and provides a framework for improving warming predictions.
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