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Environmental Science

Leading diverse, interdisciplinary research programs investigating Earth’s changing environments related to natural processes and human impacts across a large range of temporal and spatial scales.

Environmental research at Brown is strongly interdisciplinary, relying on fieldwork, remote sensing, biogeochemical analyses, and numerical modeling to better understand and address some of the most pressing problems facing our environment. Our research efforts span polar to tropical regions, including terrestrial, marine, lacustrine, and atmospheric processes. Research focuses include environmental policy, atmospheric and aquatic pollution, environmental biogeochemistry, polar ice sheets, and the impacts of climate change on ecosystems. Our overarching goals are to understand Earth’s environments, educate the next generation of scientists, and influence the direction of our shared future. 


Environmental Science News

Brown University Graduate School

Research Matters with Peter Van Katwyk

Research Matters, hosted by the Graduate School, is an annual live event featuring short talks by Brown graduate students on why their research matters. DEEPS graduate student Peter Van Katwyk presented on his research, "Improving Sea Level Projections with AI."
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For their AP environmental science and biology field trip, Barrington High School students visited the Blackstone River to learn about Rhode Island's history of pollution. The trip was supported by the RI NASA Space Grant. “We want to get students outside the classroom beyond the textbooks and internet articles they read about,” said Ralph Milliken, Program Director and DEEPS Associate Professor. “So they can understand the interplay on human society and the natural environment.”
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