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Environmental Science

Leading diverse, interdisciplinary research programs investigating Earth’s changing environments related to natural processes and human impacts across a large range of temporal and spatial scales.

Environmental research at Brown is strongly interdisciplinary, relying on fieldwork, remote sensing, biogeochemical analyses, and numerical modeling to better understand and address some of the most pressing problems facing our environment. Our research efforts span polar to tropical regions, including terrestrial, marine, lacustrine, and atmospheric processes. Research focuses include environmental policy, atmospheric and aquatic pollution, environmental biogeochemistry, polar ice sheets, and the impacts of climate change on ecosystems. Our overarching goals are to understand Earth’s environments, educate the next generation of scientists, and influence the direction of our shared future. 


Environmental Science News

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) recently released its latest findings on the human and economic impact of weather-related disasters during the quadrennial World Meteorological Congress in Geneva. The congress is centered around the implementation of the UN's Early Warnings for All initiative. Professor Amanda Lynch, as the Chair of the WMO Research Board, plays a vital role in guiding the objectives and execution of this significant initiative.
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Baylor Fox-Kemper, alongside Katelyn Moretti, Charles Lawrence, and John Nicklas, has received a 2023 Seed Award for his project, "Bayesian Modeling of Climate-Dependent Mortality Risk among US Residents from 1989 to 2020." This project builds toward a complete, transparent estimation of mortality from the latest generation of climate model projections to 2100.
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