Department of Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences

2019 DEEPS-Leadership Alliance REU

Solana Buchanan (Rice University)

Faculty mentors: Jim Russell and Tim Herbert

Project: West African Climate Changes Across the Plio-Pleistocene Boundary

Solana Buchanan

Lissete Melendez (University of South Florida)

Faculty mentor: John Mustard

Project: North Polar Layered Deposits on Mars: Investigating the Effect of Perennial Dust Deposits on Water-Ice Sublimation

Lissete Melendez

Samantha Pennino (University of South Florida)

Faculty mentor: Meredith Hastings

Project: Stormwater and Rain: Sources of Nutrients to Upper Narragansett Bay?

Samantha Pennino

Andrea Salazar (University of Chicago)

Faculty mentors: Tim Herbert, Colleen Dalton and Alberto Saal

Project: Modeling the Role of Volcanism in the Last 20 Million Years of Global Cooling

Andrea Salazar

Jamila Smith (SUNY Fredonia)

Faculty mentor: Jim Russell

Project: What the Lake Says: Assessing Temperature and Precipitation Changes in Eastern Africa since the Last Glacial Maximum using Sediment Cores from Lake Mahoma, Rwenzori Mountains, Uganda

Jamila Smith

Jennifer Riggin (Tulane University)

Faculty mentor: Steven Clemens

Project: The Isotope Dilution Method: A New Approach to Measuring the Isotopic Composition of Individual Foraminifera

Jennifer Riggin

Jorge Ruiz Gonzalez (Sonoma State University)

Faculty mentor: Stephen Parman

Project: Predicting Noble Gas Solubility in Silicates

Jorge Ruiz Gonzales

Malik Walker (Princeton University)

Faculty mentor: Alexander Evans

Project: Geophysical Investigation of Lunar Impact Craters with Anomalous Gravitational Signatures

Malik Walker


Student Presentations at AGU

American Geophysical Union Meeting, Dec. 9-13, San Francisco, CA