Department of Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences

2021 DEEPS-Leadership Alliance REU

Congrats to the students in the 2021 DEEPS-Leadership Alliance REU for their outstanding work! Due to COVID-related restrictions, the 2021 program was virtual. We gathered for twice-a-week online meetings to talk about experiences, research projects, grad school opportunities, writing research abstracts, and preparing research talks. The students also took part in the online professional development workshops and networking opportunities offered by the Leadership Alliance, and presented their research at the virtual Leadership Alliance National Symposium.

Lizzy Gaviria (Rice University)

Faculty mentor: Dan Ibarra

Project: Modeling Seasonal and Interannual Climate Variability in Modern Precipitation Pathways across Western North America Using Air Parcel Trajectories

Lizzy Garviria

Troy Gibbs-Brown (New York University)

Faculty mentor: Baylor Fox-Kemper

Project: Habitat Suitability Mapping for Cyanea capillata in the Hudson River and North East Atlantic

Troy Gibbs-Brown

Grace Ward (Michigan State University)

Faculty mentors: Eva Golos and Karen Fischer

Project: Imaging the Boundaries in the Crust and Mantle of the Southwestern US from Seismeic Waves

Grace Ward