Department of Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences

2022 DEEPS-Leadership Alliance REU

This summer, 10 undergrads came to Brown for the 2022 DEEPS-Leadership Alliance REU The students made excellent progress on their research projects. We also gathered for twice-a-week group meetings to talk about experiences, research projects, grad school opportunities, writing research abstracts, and preparing research talks. The students took part in the professional development workshops and networking opportunities offered by the Leadership Alliance, and presented their research at the Leadership Alliance National Symposium and at the Brown Summer Research Symposium. Many students also have plans to present their work at national science meetings in the coming year. 

Apollonia Arellano (California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo)
Faculty Mentor: Tim Herbert
Project: Deep Sea Time Machine: Marine Sediment Cores as Indicators of Ancient Upwelling
Apollonia poses with her research poster.
Valencia Ajeh (Washington University in St. Louis)
Faculty Mentor: Tim Herbert
Project: Under the Sea-diments: Reconstructing Past Climate Using South African Marine Sediment Cores Affected by the Agulhas Current
Valencia poses with her research poster.
Katie Goss (Mt. Holyoke College)
Faculty Mentor: Steve Parman
Project: Early Conditions in the Outer Solar System Recorded in Meteorite NWA 14999
Katie poses with her research poster.
Thomas Lee (Boston College)
Faculty Mentor: Meredith Hastings
Project: Isotopic Investigation of NOx and Ozone chemistry in Southeast Michigan under the Influence of Lake-land Air Recirculation
Thomas Lee
Christina Marsh (Pomona College)
Faculty Mentor: Dan Ibarra
Project: Late Holocene Hydroclimate Changes Recorded in δ18O of a Stalagmite from Cueva De La Fabrica, Colombia
Christina poses with her research poster.
Nadia McGlynn (Vanderbilt University)
Faculty Mentor: Chris Huber
Project: Modeling the Role of Edifice Growth on Eruptions and Magma Chamber Growth and Longevity
Nadia poses with her research poster.
Maria Clara Rapoza (Colgate University)
Faculty Mentor: Steve Parman
Project: Early Inner Solar System Conditions Recorded in New Meteorite NWA 14756
Maria discusses her research poster with a fellow student.
Alexa Schultz (Yale University)
Faculty Mentor: Colleen Dalton
Project: Cascadia’s Crust: Imaging the Crust and Upper Mantle of the Pacific Northwest Using Rayleigh Wave Phase Velocities
Alexa poses with her research poster.
Katrina Taylor (Pennsylvania State University)
Faculty Mentor: John Mustard
Project: Exploration of Water in the 6 Micron Wavelength Region
Katrina poses with her research poster.
Caleb Ukaonu (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Faculty Mentor: Jung-Eun Lee
Project: How Amazonian Transpiration Affects South American Climate
Caleb poses with his research poster.