Department of Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences

2023 DEEPS-Leadership Alliance REU

Program Overview

Research projects for the summer of 2023 addressed key questions about: how Earth’s climate has changed in the past and the impacts of future climate change; the processes that control volcanic eruptions and how volcanoes form on Earth and other planetary bodies; the processes that created the structure of the Earth’s interior and how the strength of the rocks inside the Earth affect feedbacks with melting ice sheets and rising sea-levels; air and water quality with a focus on urban landscapes. 

These research projects had implications for societally-relevant topics such as climate change and its impacts including sea-level rise, wildfires, and shifts in vegetation; air and water quality; and volcanic eruptions.

Aissata Barry (Wellesley College)

Faculty Mentor: Meredith Hastings
Project: Emphasizing Environmental Justice in Environmental Education

Aissata Barry with her poster at a research conference.


Presley Hernandez (CUNY Hunter College) 

Faculty Mentor: Jim Russell
Project: Analyzing PAH Concentrations in Soils to Improve Reconstructions of Savanna Fires

Persley Hernandez 


Gabrielle Rose (Wellesley College)

Faculty Mentor: Karen Fischer
Project: Evidence for Active Volcanoes in West Antarctica

Gabrielle Rose


Isabella Lizalda (Florida State University)

Faculty Mentor: Blake Hodgin
Project: Testing covariation of the Shuram isotope excursion in inorganic and organic carbon

Isabella Linzalda


Zharia Hill (Penn State University)

Faculty Mentor: Tim Herbert
Project: Exploring an Enigmatic Glaciation during a Geologically Warm Period

Zharia Hill


Devynn Wilderman (Amherst College)

Faculty Mentor: Colleen Dalton 
Project: Inferring mantle flow patterns beneath Iceland from the phase velocity of Rayleigh and Love waves

Devynn Wilderman


Kathryn Farber (University of San Francisco)

Faculty Mentor: Meredith Hastings 
Project: Unveiling the Local Impact of Wildfire Pollution Events Using the Breathe Providence Network

Kathryn Farber


Emilio Allan (University of Florida)

Faculty Mentor: Yan Liang
Project: Geothermometry and Petrology of Martian Meteorite LAR12095

Emilio Allan