Department of Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences

Spring Break Field Trip 2022 T-shirt Fundraiser

The SBFT Fundraising Committee is proud to announce this year's t-shirt fundraiser! Support the DEEPS Spring Break Field Trip by purchasing either a new t-shirt or quarter-zip sweatshirt (or both!).

Shirts can be purchased at the SBFT Mineral Sales, March 3rd and 4th, 11 AM - 3 PM, or by contacting Luke Randall on the SBFT Fundraising Committee.

Example photos of the DEEPS Field Trip 2022 navy blue quarter-zip and red t-shirt

This year, DEEPS students are looking forward to visiting Utah where they will study local geological phenomena of very complex areas in the American southwest.

"The Arches and Canyonlands" graphic on the t-shirt was designed by Daniel Zhou '23. The "DEEPS Crest" logo featured on the quarter-zip was originally created by Tracy Gregg ‘90, Karen Kohfeld ‘90, and Matt Carrano ‘89 in 1990. This year's shirt and quarter-zip layouts were put together by Luke Randall and the SBFT Fundraising Committee '22.

This fundraiser is open until March 5th, and funds go directly to funding SBFT for DEEPS undergrads. Both items can either be sent directly to you for a small shipping fee or available for pickup for free in Geo-Chem 109 in a few weeks (March 22nd).