Department of Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences

Honoring Indigenous Peoples Day

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! 

While Brown University is closed in honor of Indigenous Peoples Day this Monday, October 10th, we hope you'll take this opportunity to learn more about Indigenous science knowledge and scientists: 

Brown University (including the Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences) is located in Providence, Rhode Island, on the lands which are within the ancestral homelands of the Narragansett Indian Tribe. We acknowledge that the Narragansett Indian Tribe was dispossessed from their lands by the forces of settler colonialism, and we acknowledge our ongoing responsibility to understand and respond to the legacy of those actions. We acknowledge that the Narragansett and other Indigenous peoples have called Providence home for centuries and continue to do so today. We acknowledge with humility and respect the Narragansett Indian Tribe whose ancestors stewarded these lands with great care, and we commit to working together to honor our past and build our future with truth.