Department of Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences

Campaign to Name Two DEEPS Mass Spectrometers

DEEPS is inviting our Instagram and Twitter followers to name two of the department's Mass Spectrometers.

Are you a student looking for a little distraction? Have you dreamed of naming a large piece of highly-technical scientific equipment in a university lab? Well, here’s your chance! 

DEEPS has two Mass Spectrometers that are in need of names, so we are inviting our social media followers to name them. This is a fun campaign aimed at growing the department's social media engagement within the student community, as well as sharing more about the science that happens behind the scenes in the department. (Plus, the two machines are almost identical, so naming them would be a huge help!) 

To participate, follow the department on Twitter and Instagram – followers on each platform will have an opportunity to name one of the two Mass Spectrometers. Then, suggest your best name ideas. We'll be taking submissions only from our followers, so make sure to hit that "follow" button. Lastly, when we reach our goals (1k followers on Twitter, and 450 followers on Instagram) we will share a link to vote. 

There are a couple of simple ground rules: First, we will not accept names using profanity, or affiliated with a political, religious, or copyrighted figure or group. Second, be creative! Our panel of very serious comedy scientists will be carefully reviewing suggestions for the top five. This is an ongoing campaign, and we look forward to sharing more updates soon. 

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One of the mass spectrometers in the DEEPS lab, with neon stars and highlights added to the image.