Department of Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences

Looking Forward to Fall 2023

Brown University is getting ready for the Fall Semester and the new academic year, and everyone in DEEPS is looking forward to welcoming new colleagues, starting new projects, and more opportunities for growth. We asked a number of the DEEPS community to highlight what they were looking forward to this Fall, and this is what they had to say:

As I resume my role as the department Chair this year, I am thrilled to see the new directions that the new faculty joining the Department take us, and excited to welcome a new cohort of students and postdocs. I'm also excited to see the start of new projects like LunaSCOPE and the Community-driven Coastal Climate Research and Solutions hub. We can all look forward to a fantastic new era of innovation and growth. 
– Greg Hirth, DEEPS Chair & Professor

This fall, I am looking forward to welcoming in five new faculty and 20 new graduate students. With them come a whole wealth of new activities and research that they will share with our Department and undergraduate students. I look forward to meeting all of them by the coffee machine in the Admin suite (right outside my office)!
– Dina Egge, Department Manager

In this new semester, I look forward to meeting new people in this awesome department. I am especially excited for field trip opportunities in this department, whether for fun or field schools!
– Kaiyuan Wang, PhD Student

I'm looking forward to samples of asteroid Bennu collected by NASA OSIRIS-REx coming to RELAB around the middle of October!
– Takahiro Hiroi, Senior Research Scientist - Reflectance Experiment Laboratory (RELAB)

I am looking forward to the kick-off of our science team for ESA's Lunar Meteorite Impact Observer (LUMIO) and exploring synergies with Brown's SSERVI LunaSCOPE team.  
– Aleksandra Sokołowska, Postdoctoral Research Associate

This fall, I'm excited to collaborate more with students and faculty on communication projects, like Instagram takeovers, faculty spotlights, and special events!
– Mae Jackson, Communications Specialist

I'm looking forward to seeing geochemical results from all the samples collected during our summer field campaigns! Our group did fieldwork in Oregon, Utah, California, and the Philippines this past summer and will be getting busy in the lab this fall with the many rock, sediment, and water samples we have brought back. 
– Daniel Ibarra, Manning Assistant Professor

I’m looking forward to seeing all of the students back on campus and also teaching a new course about the Moon! 
– Ralph E. Milliken, Associate Professor

I'm looking forward to getting LunaSCOPE off the ground with Alex Evans, Steve Parman, and the rest of the LunaSCOPE team!
– Jack Mustard, Professor

As a new faculty to DEEPS and IBES, I can't wait to get to know my colleagues and students, settle in my new offices, and share the GIS passion all around Brown campus! 
– Seda Şalap-Ayça, Assistant Professor of Practice