Department of Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences

Yongsong Lab watches OSIRIS-REx Return

Members of Professor Yongsong Huang's Lab gathered to watch and celebrate the historic return of NASA's Bennu sampling capsule arrival in Utah.

Professor Yongsong Huang shared his excitement for the moment, saying, "What a technological marvel! The capsule landed a few meters from a dirt road, almost like someone placed it there gently. I was amazed at how small the parachute was!" Later this fall, DEEPS researchers will undertake geochemical analyses on some of the asteroid's samples, adding to the group's excitement. 

Participants included: Marcelo Alexandre (Organic Geochemistry Facility Manager), Cameron Goodreau (Undergraduate Chemistry and Engineering concentrator), Professor Yongsong Huang, Bumsoo Kim (Postdoctoral Research Associate), Ewerton Santos (Postdoctoral Research Associate), and Lanjun Wu (Visiting PhD).