Department of Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences

Elementary Class visits DEEPS for explosive volcano demonstration

We recently had the honor of hosting Vartan Gregorian Elementary School’s 4th grade class for an exciting STEM field trip. Students started by visiting four labs for demonstrations: In Steve Clemens’s lab, students explored the Ice Ages through microscopic fossils. With Meredith Hastings, they learned about Air Pollution and how scientists track contaminants in the air. Terry Tullis shared the science of Earthquakes, and Marcelo Alexandre explained Gas Chromatography. The visit culminated with a phreatic volcanic eruption, led by Bill Collins (alum and longtime employee of the department), Joe Orchardo (Instrumentation & Mass Spectrometry Specialist), and Jamie Pahigian (Environmental Chemistry Facility and Lab Coordinator).

We’re thrilled to help inspire a love of Earth science in these local kids, one thrilling science demo at a time!