Department of Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences

2024 Commencement Ceremony

The Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences joins Brown University in celebrating the achievements of the graduating class of 2024. Here we will be sharing an expanded version of our Commencement Program, listing the accomplishments of our new graduates, photos of the event, and other resources.

Ceremony Program – Sunday, May 26th 

Light fare served before the ceremony – est. 2:30 PM
Introduction & Opening Remarks – est. 3 PM
Greg Hirth, Chair

Bestowing of the Ph.D. Graduate Hoods by Advisors
Acknowledgment of Sc.M. Recipients

Conferring of Diplomas to the Class of 2024
Corporation Member: Chancellor Samuel Mencoff '78

Presentation of Undergraduate Awards
Professor Christian Huber

Closing Remarks – est. 4:30 PM
Dessert reception to follow.

Department Awards

Senior Award for Excellence in Research, Academics, and Service
Lorenzo Davidson and Jonah Berstein-Schalet 

Research Excellence Award
Aaron Freeman

Jan Tullis Undergraduate Teaching Award
Pittayuth Yoosiri

Sarah LaMendola Undergraduate Research Award
Celia Kong-Johnson

Marina Benson | Sc.B. Geology–Biolog

  • A.B. Music; Summer 2022 coastal ecology research at MBL; Summer 2023 Voss Fellowship to continue research; presented at 2024 NE GSA; attended 2022 SBFT; Hope Chatterton Prize; co-chair Brown Opera Productions; vocalist and clarinetist in many groups.
  • Thesis: Edgartown Great Pond is Turning Green! The Ecological Impacts of Nitrogen Pollution on Coastal Estuaries (D. Ibarra)

Jonah Bernstein-Schalet | Sc.B. Geology–Biology

  • 2022 paleoclimate research with T. Herbert; 2023 Voss Fellowship for research in biogeochemistry of burned areas with D. Ibarra; presented at 2023 AGU and 2024 NE GSA; TA for EEPS 220, head TA for EEPS 230; gear committee head for 2022 SBFT, co-leader of 2023 SBFT; personal trainer.

  • Thesis: Linking Stream Chemistry to Soil Biogeochemistry to Investigate the Environmental Legacy of Wildfire in Oregon’s West Cascades (D. Ibarra)

Natalie Chang | A.B. Geology–Biology

  • A.B. Modern Culture & Media; Summer 2022 UTRA for paleoclimate research with D. Ibarra; TA for EEPS 10; attended 2022 SBFT; member of Impulse and Mezcla dance groups; script writer for SciToons; video content creator for BDH Post magazine.

Lorenzo Davidson | Sc.B. Geology–Physics/Mathematics

  • Spring 2022 UTRA and Summer 2022 RI EPSCoR research with B. Fox-Kemper; co-leader for 2022 SBFT; Summer 2023 whale research as NOAA Hollings Scholar; presented at 2024 Ocean Science Conference; TA for EEPS 240 and 1330; member of Scientists for a Sustainable World; club Frisbee.

  • Thesis: The Role of Krill in Blue Whale Habitat Use in the California Current Ecosystem (E. Di Lorenzo)

Evan Donnachie | A.B. Geology–Biology

  • A.B. Literary Arts (Honors); Phi Beta Kappa; research with M. Hastings on Providence air quality; Summer 2022 NSF REU research in Alaska; presented at fall 2022 LTER Meeting; Summer 2023 NSF IRES research in Austria and India; presented at 2024 SICB meeting; TA for EEPS 220 and 160; co-president GeoDUG.

Maxwell Ferguson | A.B. Geology–Biology

  • Summer 2023 UTRA for paleoclimate research with T. Herbert; TA for EEPS 10; contributed to Brown Science Olympiad; campus tour guide; Problem Solving Fellow; performed in two musicals and short play; pickleball,

  • Thesis:  A Foraminiferal Analysis of the Eastern Equatorial Pacific During the Pliocene and the Driving Forces of δ 18O (T. Herbert)

Aaron Freeman | Sc.B. Geology–Biology

  • Summer 2022 UTRA research on South American paleoclimate with J. Russell; presented at 2023 AGU; TA for EEPS 10 and 220; study abroad New Zealand; intramural soccer, volleyball; Old Time String Band.

  • Thesis: Temperature and Hydroclimate Variations in the Central Andes Reconstructed Using Sedimentary Organic Biomarkers from Lake Piuray, Peru (J Russell)

Duncan Silbaugh Jurayj* | A.B. Geology–Biology

  • Paleoclimate research with T. Herbert; Summer 2022 REU at Washington State University; Summer 2023 research with NASA SARP; presented at 2023 AGU; Summer 2024 UTRA for remote sensing vegetation research with L. Smith.

  • *Will complete in Fall 2024.

Patrick McCann | A.B. Geology–Chemistry

  • A.B. Computer Science; Summer 2022 UTRA with A. Saal on slab window volcanism; TA for EEPS 230, Chemistry, and CS; attended 2022 SBFT and co-head gear committee for 2023 SBFT; helped with Brown’s Science Olympiad.

Gavin Christopher Miller | A.B. Geological Sciences

  • Varsity football; TEAM IPACT leader; Athletic Multicultural Alliance council member; TA for EEPS 10 and 50.  

Isaiah Olds-Campanile | A.B. Geology–Physics/Mathematics

  • A.B. Education Studies; Summer 2022 NSF REU at Columbia University; Summer 2023 UTRA with B. Hodgin helping to prepare field course; TA for EEPS 10 and 1250; attended 2022 and 2023 SBFT, co-leader for 2024 SBFT; played in jazz combo.

  • Thesis: Unraveling a Complex History of Glacial Advance, Sea-Level Rise, and Glacio-tectonic Deformation on Block Island (B. Hodgin)

Joseph Pate | A.B. Geological Sciences 

  • A.B. Computer Science; 2021 UTRA for planetary research with I. Daubar; TA for EEPS 10 and one CS course; intramural soccer, volleyball, and running club; member of Brown Debating Union.
  • Lunar Basin Constraints on Global KREEP Distribution (A. Evans)

Emma Perkins** | Sc.B. Geology–Physics/Mathematics

  • A.B. Applied Mathematics; Juneau Ice Field program summer 2021; research at NCAR 2022-2023; TA for EEPS 10, 50, 220, 240 and two DATA courses; attended 2022 SBFT; participated in Taekwondo; volunteered with Inspiring Minds. 
  • Thesis: Predicting Snow Structures Relevant to Reindeer Husbandry (A. Lynch)

  • **Completed in Fall 2023.

Jacqueline Rice | A.B. Geology–Biology

  • Sc.B. Environmental Science; TA for one ENVS course.

Parker Simon | A.B. Geological Sciences 

  • Sc.B. Computer Science; Spring 2023 study abroad in New Zealand, including paleoclimate research; TA for 3 CS courses; attended 2022 SBFT; co-leader for GeoDUG 2021-2022; treasurer of Climbing Club 2023-2024.

Whitney Vieira Ribeiro | A.B. Geology–Biology

  • Summer 2023 REU for fossil gastropod research at Yale; presented results at fall 2023 GSA; research in D. Ibarra lab; TA for EEPS 10; attended 2022 and 2023 SBFT, co-chair of field guide committee 2024; board member Disability Justice at Brown. 

  • Thesis: Tracking the Impact of the K/Pg on Pelagic Shark Diversity Using Dermal Denticles (D. Ibarra)

Emily Starr Wagg | A.B. Geology–Chemistry 

  • Campus tour guide and tour coordinator; Summer 2022 research on the Gulf of Maine; Spring 2023 study abroad in New Zealand; presented at 2023 GSA; BOLT leader and mentor; TA for EEPS 10, 50, and 240; organized GISP on using fabric art for science communication. 

Pittayuth "Poom" Yoosiri | Sc.B. Geology–Physics/Mathematics

  • A.B. Urban Studies; ​​Summer 2022 research on sea ice; presented at 2022 AGU; Summer 2023 research at Univ. Bonn through DAAD RISE Germany program; TA for EEPS 10, 160N, 850, and 1430; co-head field guide committee for 2022 SBFT; Treasurer for Brown Outing Club and Thai Student Association. 

  • Thesis: Significant Daytime Warming in the Pampas and Chaco Regions from Agricultural Expansion (J. Lee)

Theodore Bobik*

  • Sc.M. – Filling in the Gaps: Paleosols as Regional Recorders of Hydroclimatic Change in Northeast China at the Cretaceous–Paleogene (D. Ibarra)

Sarah Bowers

  • Sc.M. –  Imaging The Antarctic Lithosphere with Sp Receiver Functions (K. Fischer)

Vivian Chen

  • Sc.M.  – Assessing the Co-burden of Air Quality and Noise Pollution in Providence, RI (M. Hastings)

Xi Chen

  • Sc.M.  – Orographic Effect of Rocky Mountains and the Seasonal Contrast (J. Lee)

Allie Coonin

  • Sc.M. –  Spatiotemporal Sea-Level Fingerprinting of Meltwater Pulse 1A Reveals Pole-to-Pole Cascade of Ice Loss (H. Lau)

Justin Custado

  • Sc.M. – Constraining the Modern Hydrological Balance of Bear Lake, Utah-Idaho: Insights from Stable Isotopes (¹⁸O and ²H) (D. Ibarra)

Brianna Hoegler

  • Sc.M. – Lipid Biomarkers Globally Reveal Synchronous Plio-Pleistocene Global Cooling: Revising the ODP Site 1090 Sea Surface Temperature Record (T. Herbert)

Peter Van Katwyk

  • Sc.M. – LSTM Emulators of Sea Level Contribution from the Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheets (K. Bergen) 

Bradley Lockhart*

  • Sc.M. – Modeling Active Layer Thickness Responses for High and Low Resolution CMIP6 Global Climate Models (A. Lynch) 

Maria Luísa Rocha Santos Da Silva

  • Sc.M. – Enhancing Sea Ice Concentration Resolution in a Northern Sea Route Strait Using a Generative Adversarial Network (A. Lynch)

Margaret Wilson*

  • Sc.M. – Water Cycling in Hydrated Minerals Under Mars-relevant Conditions (R. Milliken)

Desmond Yeo

  • Sc.M. – New Stratigraphic Evidence for an Old Crow Tephra Age of 174 ka from Imuruk Lake, Alaska (Y Huang & J. Russell)


*Completed in February 2024.

Danny Anderson

  • Subduction and Rift Processes: Their Effects on Mantle Heterogeneities and Magmatism at the Antarctic Peninsula and Surrounding Mid-ocean Ridges (A. Saal)

Darien Florez

  • The Physics of Multiphase Magmatic Systems: Compaction-Driven Phase Separation and Eruption Dynamics (C. Huber) 

Matthew Jones

  • A New Paradigm for Planetary Evolution? Lunar Structure and Composition Explained by the South Pole–Aitken Impact (A. Evans)

Hannah Krueger

  • Exploring Complexities in the Earth’s Upper Mantle and Connecting Approaches to Inclusivity in the Earth Sciences (K. Fischer) 

Laura Lark

  • Influence of Compositional Structure on Planetary Geological Evolution (J. Head, C. Huber)

Melissa "Melly" Meyer

  • Disentangling Primary and Diagenetic Signals in Remotely Sensed Sedimentary Rock Records: Lessons from Earth and Mars (R. Milliken)

Bryce Mitsunaga

  • High- and Low-latitude Forcing of African Hydroclimate and Vegetation Across the Plio-Pleistocene Boundary (T. Herbert & J. Russell)

Fiona Nichols-Fleming

  • Geophysical Evolution of the Moon and Asteroid 16 Psyche (A. Evans)