Department of Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences

DEEPS STEP Volunteers

Brown University graduate or undergraduate students, postdocs and faculty – DEEPS STEP welcomes anyone who is passionate about science education and helping bring it to Providence elementary students. Whether you want to give it a try, can commit only a few hours, or are a seasoned DEEPS STEP member teaching over several months, we need you and are happy to welcome you to the program.

First-time volunteers meet with Olga Prilipko Huber to go over the goal of the program and are invited to attend and observe one of our co-teaching classes at a local school. They can then sign up for co-teaching and will have a prep session with a DS coordinator prior to going to the school (going over the lesson plan, the activities as well as some tips and tricks of the trade). For your first time we will usually pair you up with an experienced volunteer, and of course you will always have the help of the classroom teacher.

We're still enlisting volunteers for this academic year – learn more about how you can join! 

  • Luke Randall (undergrad)

  • Olivia McClain (undergrad)

  • Lorenzo Davidson (undergrad)

  • Thet Htay Zaw (undergrad)

  • Annabelle Gao (undergrad)

  • Michela Savignano (undergrad)

  • Suzie O’Neil (undergrad)

  • Ethan Kyzivat (grad student)

  • Janie Levin (grad student)

  • Meredith Parish (grad student)

  •  Anna Zuckerman (undergrad)

  • Leah Zuckerman (undergrad)

  • Anson Cheng (grad student)

  • Alexandria Johnson (faculty)

  • Ethan Kyzivat (grad student)

  • Mengxi Wu (grad student)

  • Christopher Horvat (postdoc)

  • Chen Ming (postdoc)

  • Sophie Kuhl (undergrad)

  • Micah Jaffe (undergrad)

  • Steven Clemens (faculty)