Department of Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences

Research Posters

Helpful tools and tips for DEEPS students and faculty creating research posters for upcoming symposiums or conferences.

DEEPS has two poster plotters to support our students and faculty with their research presentations. 

The standard poster size is 36" x 48" (i.e. 3' x 4') – be aware that the DEEPS printer cannot print larger than 36" on one edge. Using whatever design software you prefer, we recommend adjusting your layout before you add any photos, graphs, or text to the poster design. To set your poster size in Microsoft PowerPoint, use File > Page Setup or Design > Page Setup to define the presentation dimensions.

Please Note: 

  • DO NOT use Google Slides to design your poster (the DEEPS printer doesn’t respond well to designs from this system). 
  • Pink sometimes comes out streaky or inconsistent, so we do not recommend using it heavily in your design. 
  • Avoid finding typos after printing – ask 2 or 3 friends to proofread your poster!

Download the official DEEPS Logo

Ready to print? 

As of May 2023, individual members of the department are able to print their large-format posters themselves!

Do not put off printing until the last minute – please take the time to review the instructions before using the printer for the first time.

Problems? If you have technical difficulties, or if the printer runs out of paper or ink, please contact