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A record of all active EEPS (Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences) courses as far back as Fall 2007.

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Most Recent Term Offered 

EEPS0010 Face of the Earth Spring 2023
EEPS0050 Mars, Moon, and the Earth Fall 2022
EEPS0070 Introduction to Oceanography Fall 2022
EEPS0160C Global Environmental Change  
EEPS0160E Volcanos: Wndws into Deep Earth  
EEPS0160F Patterns: in Nature,in Society  
EEPS0160G Energy Resources Summer 2021
EEPS0160I Diamonds Fall 2021
EEPS0160M Natural Disasters Spring 2023
EEPS0160N Monsters of the Abyss Fall 2022
EEPS0160P From Human Migration to Solvin Fall 2021
EEPS0220 Earth & Environ. Processes Fall 2022
EEPS0230 Earth/Planetary Matrls/ Procss Spring 2023
EEPS0240 Earth:Evoltn of Habitbl Planet Spring 2023
EEPS0250 Modelling in Natural Sciences Fall 2022
EEPS0350 Mathematical Methods of Fluid Fall 2021
EEPS0810 Planetary Geology Spring 2023
EEPS0830 Water in Our World Fall 2021
EEPS0850 Weather and Climate Spring 2023
EEPS1110 Descriptive Coastal and Estuar Spring 2022
EEPS1120 Paleoceanography Fall 2021
EEPS1130 Ocean Biogeochemical Cycles Fall 2020
EEPS1150 Limnology: The Study of Lakes Spring 2023
EEPS1220 Climate Extremes and Human Rig Winter 2023
EEPS1240 Stratigraphy and Sedimentation Fall 2022
EEPS1310 Global Water Cycle Spring 2023
EEPS1320 Intro to Geographc Info Systms Spring 2022
EEPS1330 Globl Environmntl Remot Sensng Spring 2023
EEPS1370 Environmental Geochemistry Fall 2022
EEPS1380 Environmental Stable Isotopes Spring 2023
EEPS1390 Planetary Surface Processes  
EEPS1410 Mineralogy Fall 2021
EEPS1420 Petrology Spring 2021
EEPS1430 Principles of Planetary Climat Fall 2022
EEPS1450 Structural Geology Spring 2023
EEPS1510 Intro. to Atmospheric Dynamics Spring 2022
EEPS1520 Ocean Circulation and Climate Spring 2023
EEPS1560 Global Tectonics Spring 2022
EEPS1580 Quant Elements Phys Hydrology  
EEPS1610 Solid Earth Geophysics Fall 2021
EEPS1615 Environmental Policy Process Fall 2022
EEPS1620 Continuum Phys of Solid Earth Spring 2022
EEPS1630 Intro to Quantitative Glaciol Fall 2021
EEPS1650 Earthquake Seismology Spring 2023
EEPS1690 Intro to Methods in Data Analy Fall 2022
EEPS1710 Remot Sensng Planetary Surface Fall 2022
EEPS1730 Isotope Geochemistry Fall 2022
EEPS1745 Planetary System Design Spring 2021
EEPS1810 Physics of Planetary Evolution Fall 2020
EEPS1820 Geophysical Fluid Dynamics  
EEPS1950 Special Topics in EEPS  
EEPS1950B Atmospheric Chemistry  
EEPS1950C Planetary Materials  
EEPS1960 Special Topics in EEPS  
EEPS1960A Earthquakes & Rheology Spring 2023
EEPS1960C Planetary Petrology Spring 2022
EEPS1960D Machine Learning for the Earth Spring 2022
EEPS1960F Patterns in Nature, in Society Spring 2023
EEPS1960G Earth Science Curriculum Desig  
EEPS1960H The Early Earth  
EEPS1960L Foundational Readings in the E Spring 2021
EEPS1960N Seminar in Analytical Geochemi Spring 2023
EEPS1960X Ocean, Cryosphere, and Sea Lev Spring 2022
EEPS1960Z Physical Volcanology Spring 2021
EEPS1970 Ind Study of Geologic Problems Spring 2023
EEPS2300 Math Models in Geological Sci Fall 2021
EEPS2330 Adv Remote Sensing Fall 2020
EEPS2350 Quaternary Climatology Seminar Fall 2020
EEPS2410 Kinetics of Geochem Processes Fall 2020
EEPS2430 Igneous Petrology Fall 2022
EEPS2460 Phase Equilibria Spring 2023
EEPS2650 Advanced Seismology Fall 2022
EEPS2730 Isotope Geochemistry Spring 2021
EEPS2840 Asteroids and Meteorites Fall 2021
EEPS2860 Planetary Volcanology  
EEPS2870 Planetary Evolution  
EEPS2880 Planetary Cratering  
EEPS2910 Special Topics in EEPS  
EEPS2910E Miocene: Prelude to Ice Ages  
EEPS2910F Earthquake Mechanics, Rheology  
EEPS2910G Dynamcs of Ice Sheets/Glaciers  
EEPS2910H Geophysical Phenomena Spring 2022
EEPS2910J Early Evolution of the Solar S Fall 2022
EEPS2910M The Changing Arctic  
EEPS2910T Lattice Boltzmann modeling in Fall 2021
EEPS2910W The Ice Ages: How We Got Here Fall 2022
EEPS2910X Topics in Geophysics Fall 2020
EEPS2910Z Trace Element Geochemistry Fall 2021
EEPS2920 Special Topics in EEPS  
EEPS2920A Measuring Climate and Environm Spring 2022
EEPS2920C The Sedimentary Rock Cycle  
EEPS2920D Intro to Geochemical Modeling Spring 2023
EEPS2920E Intro to Organic Geochemistry Spring 2021
EEPS2920G Exoplanet Seminar  
EEPS2920I Dynamics of Trop. Climate  
EEPS2920M Monsoons and Climate Spring 2021
EEPS2980 Research in Geological Science Spring 2023