Department of Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences

The Sarah LaMendola Award

The Sarah LaMendola Undergraduate Research Award provides support for undergraduate research in the Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences at Brown University. It was established in honor of the memory of Sarah LaMendola ’04 through the generosity of her family and friends.

The Sarah LaMendola Award recognizes students who demonstrate outstanding potential for undergraduate research. Funds from the award may be used for any type of necessary research expense including travel, research materials, and laboratory costs.

All undergraduates are eligible for the award, although preference will be given to students who will be working on Senior Research Theses in the summer and/or the academic year. Projects that involve fieldwork are encouraged, but the quality of the proposed project is the primary selection criteria.

About Sarah LaMendola

Sarah LaMendola was a talented student and a caring friend. She came to Brown in the fall of 2000 from Weston, Connecticut, where she grew up with her parents Alene and Joe and her sister Dana. 

In her sophomore year, Sarah chose an Sc.B. concentration in Geology-Physics/Math. She was particularly interested in applying geophysics to environmental issues. Sarah spent the Fall of her Junior year at the University of Otago, in Dunedin, New Zealand. Inspired by her experience there, she returned to Brown excited about a career in hydrology and making a contribution to improving water resources worldwide. At the time of her death in February, 2003, Sarah was planning a Senior Research Thesis studying rainfall infiltration through shallow unsaturated soil using DC resistivity, taking courses in hydrology, GIS, structural geology and physics, and beginning work as an undergraduate teaching assistant.

Sarah approached the world with a sense of wonder, and her enthusiasm and curiosity were contagious. She was known as a kind and supportive classmate with a lively and whimsical sense of humor, and she was surrounded by a large and loving group of friends.

The Nomination Process

Nominations for the Sarah LaMendola Award are collected annually from DEEPS faculty. Award recipient(s) will be notified in late April and announced at Commencement. Students with a particular interest in the award and the research funds that it provides are encouraged to speak with their faculty research advisor, as well as the Undergraduate Advisors

Past Award Recipients

  • Shaw Miller '24
  • Julia Grossman '23
  • Samantha Ouertani, '22
  • Allie Coonin, '21
  • Jake Acquadro, '20
  • Julia Krogh, '19
  • Grace Molino, '18
  • Christopher Carchedi, '17 & Nicholas O'Mara, '17
  • Jessica Fisher, '16
  • William Shinevar, '15 
  • Kelsey Williams, '14
  • Michelle Graff, '13
  • Cameron Meyers, '12
  • Ana Magali Heureux, '11
  • Ruth Heindel, '10
  • Jena Johnson, '09
  • Aditi Bhaskar, '08
  • Devina Swarup, '07
  • Brian Yellen, '06
  • Elliot Grunewald, '05

How to Donate

If you would like to donate to The Sarah LaMendola Undergraduate Research Award fund or would like more information, please contact Dina Egge (401-863-3357). Or you can simply mail your check (made out to Brown University) to:

The Sarah LaMendola Award Fund
c/o Dina Egge
Brown University/DEEPS
324 Brook Street, Box 1846
Providence, RI 02912

All donations are tax-deductible.